I Think We Are Taking Bailouts a Little Too Far…

January 8, 2009

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have been hearing the newest addition to Noah Webster’s word book, bailout. It’s the latest craze in these economic hard times that is sending large, multi-billion dollar industries to beg the government for a leg-up in these rough times. This is not unlike college students going to mom and dad after learning the lessons of fiscal irresponsibility (Though like many college students, it is just expendable party money).

After the bailout of the Financial and Auto Industries, one would assume that said companies would be on the mend or somewhere in the way of progress. I would then laugh and then declare that we have officially hit rock bottom. The Porn Industry has petitioned for a bailout! That’s right, the one industry that is as old as the world’s oldest profession, an approximately $10 Billion a year industry (that’s just the low estimate) is asking for a bailout. Personally I believe that a good majority of it is going to “Girl’s Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis to assist his various legal troubles. Either way, let the record show that the economic troubles have reached a new low with porn taking a dive in income. Is this a reorganization of our priorities or is it far more sinister?

Mr. Francis will also be using some of the bailout money to get his jaw readjusted

Joe Francis will be using the bailout money to reverse a botched botox operation


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