Happy day, the changing of the guard is here! This is a pretty momentus occasion clearly as we are definitely over due for an overhaul of governing. While I am overjoyed to have been apart of this event in terms of the popular vote, I find myself still a little cynical in reading Digg and seeing how divided a people we still are. I came across an article that was written by Rush Limbaugh, that in a nutshell was all about how he hopes that Obama gets everyone’s hopes up.

This is when I snapped on the Digg page for this and decided to write a bitter and distasteful comment directed at Mr. Limbaugh. Something to the tune of,

“This is the part where I wish for Limbaugh’s heart to fail due to to massive opiate addiction.”

While that was definitely harsh on my part, it was my own showing of how we still have to work to not be as polarising and attack people on a personal level. Here are the following comments however that were in reply to mine.

“Where is your tolerance and compassion?”

And the straw that broke the camel’s back for my next outburst,

“Wasn’t that a happy thought from a happy little liberal. Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?!?”

As wrong as I was to say what I did, this made me even more annoyed. I may be a liberal, but I bring you our other example of generalization this post. Now, I’m a generally person if you personally know me however, I am human and I have my problems. Problems like being generalized into a category and people who are ignorant of the words they are using. It was after I wrote the following comment in reply that I realised we need to help ourselves as much as possible to make the next four years better than the last eight.

“The fact is that liberalism doesn’t mean that I have compassion and tolerance for all people. Also, how are you to assume that I’m a liberal because I dislike Rush Limbaugh (who by the way is a far right conservative because he feels that is how he will be heard louder and make more money)? He’s a very hypocritical person because it’s very convenient to make his own double standard and I believe that anything that comes out of his mouth, such as this article, should be ignored.

Liberalism is a term for how you interpret laws and the constitution…being and ethical human is where you get love and compassion from.

Don’t challenge one’s humanity for having a political opinion. They are two realms that need to be separate, hence why this country is so divided.”

The part I neglected to add on here was that yes it was harsh, but don’t judge if you aren’t perfect.

Barack can’t do it on his own, he hasn’t presented himself as the Messiah so we need to come together as the 300 million strong we could potentially be.



Have nothing else better to do during the inauguration of Barack Obama?

Are you a compulsive gambler or heavy drinking game player?

If your answer was yes, the crinkling of money, or some profanity that reeks of bourbon, I have the perfect situation for you!

Knoxville, TN's entry for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Knoxville, TN's entry for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

In a recent news article, a Swedish online betting website has captured the hearts of it’s core audience by putting odds on certain words that Obama may or may not say during his inaugural speech on Tuesday. The two words with the highest odds against them as of now are, “Banana” and “Angela Merkel” (Chancellor of Germany). Both of these words weigh in at the hefty odds of 1000:1  While these are somewhat definite no-shows in the President-Elect’s speech, someone should tip Barack off to this wager so he can reward the truly daring people of this world. The more obvious words such as “Change” and “United States” had nearly 1:1 odds.

Here’s how Obama should open his speech, “I’d like to open by saying that I had a banana for breakfast this morning with Angela Merkel. For those of you who bet the longshot words, you know what’s coming to you”

College students and career drinkers all around will most likely be able to play the Inauguration drinking game. There is no need to explain much more than the words “Hope”, “Change”, and “United States” are the trigger words. This will most likely incapacitate a good portion of the population of college campuses, so why not make Inauguration Day a holiday.

Here’s to an intoxicated and potentially wealthy day for some folks!